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Explore the Data

There are three distinct ways for you to search the data that will help you learn more about the financial relationships between industry and physicians - use the search tool, visualize using the Data Explorer tool, and download the complete data set (see below). Gain a better understanding of what you will and won’t see in these data sets by reviewing this overview of the Open Payments data. Finally, view the summary data dashboard for an overview of published data.

Image of a blue computer with a magnifying glass on the screen and a grey background.


Use the search tool to search for physicians, teaching hospitals, or companies making payments by name, city, state, and specialty.

Image of a blue box with several lines coming out of the top of it that are connected to different circles with small images in them.  The first circle contains an image of a dollar sign.  The second circle contains an image of a pie graph.  The third circle contains an image of a chart graph.  The fourth circle contains an image of a calendar.  The entire image is on a grey background.


Explore full data sets and create visualizations with this data exploration tool. Learn how to access and use the tools here.

Image of a blue circle with a dark blue arrow in the middle of it pointing downward that denotes downloading a file.  There is also a blue image in the lower left hand corner of an open file folder.


Select a dataset and download the data in .csv format. Download the data here.