Grant Technical Assistance

Before pursuing a grant, you will want to ensure that you have the support of your tribe or tribal organization, that your organization meets eligibility requirements important to funders, and that the grant opportunity is a good fit for your program's needs.

Developing Tribal Buy-In

Having buy-in from your tribal government is a key step to obtaining tribal funding and an important part of overall program success. It is also important to have support from your tribal goverment and health organization before you apply for a grant.

Tribal, community, or organizational leaders who understand the importance of LTSS are more likely to support your program during the grant planning process. These individuals can provide a valuable perspective about community needs. They can also use their leadership skills to help teach other people about the importance of LTSS in your community.

The Tribal Leaders section contains a toolkit of fact sheets, a presentation, and an infographic to use in conversations about LTSS with community stakeholders.

Preparing to Apply for Grants

A strong plan for how you will create or expand your program should be developed before you apply for grants. Before applying, you need to know which parts of your LTSS program you would use grant funds for. Grant funds are not a solution for disorganization or lack of planning, since these issues make it impossible to use the money effectively.

Program planning is important to helping your program compete for and win grants. Be sure to clearly describe your plans in your proposal. A great project plan tells the story of why your program is needed and shows how you plan to budget the grant funding to efficiently create the best outcomes possible.

The LTSS roadmap can help guide you as your program prepares for the grant application process. Completing the planning steps of the roadmap will make your program more attractive to funders and ensure you can use any grant money you receive as effectively as possible.

Most grant proposals also require budget and financial information. The LTSS Financing Planning Process can help you prepare, gather, and present this information.

Additional Resources

Deciding Which Grants to Apply For

How do you determine whether a grant opportunity is a good fit for your LTSS program? Using your LTSS plan and financing strategy as guides, consider the following questions:

  • Does this grant provide sufficient funding and time to effectively meet the goals and objectives of a specific element of my LTSS program plan?
  • Does my organization or program fully align with this funder's grantmaking preferences and priorities (such as geographic, population, or health issue focus areas)?
  • Does my organization meet all of the guidelines set by this funder?
  • Does my organization have sufficient expertise, time, and budget to create a fully competitive, compliant proposal?

Visit Grant Resources for information on looking for specific grants.

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