For Tribal Leaders

Tribes across the nation are starting LTSS programs so that elders and people with disabilities can access services in their own communities.

As a tribal leader, you are a crucial voice in your community's discussion about LTSS. This section shares information for tribal leaders and policymakers that can help move the conversation forward in your community, whether you are just learning the basics or your community is ready to take action.

Long-term Care for Your Community

Learn how you can help elders and people with disabilities in your community. Short videos, narrated by Stephen Paul Judd, explore home-based services, traditional foods, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, caregiver support, and financing.

LTSS Overview

Just learning about the basic ideas behind long-term care? Start here for an overview of the main concepts in the conversation about tribal LTSS.


How to Use the Technical Assistance Center

This online technical assistance center, provided by, offers a great deal of information, from introductory to very complex. Get an outline of what's available, so you can choose your next steps.


Tribal Leader's Community Toolkit

Fact sheets, a PowerPoint presentation, an infographic, and more: use these supporting materials to help start the conversation about LTSS in your community.


Program Examples

Many tribes have already begun this journey and some have effective LTSS programs in operation now. There are many different examples of tribal and urban LTSS programs to review and learn from.



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