Program Integrity: Non Emergency Medical Transportation Toolkit

Medicaid non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is an important benefit for beneficiaries who need to get to and from medical services, but have no means of transportation.  The Code of Federal Regulations requires States to ensure eligible, qualified Medicaid beneficiaries have NEMT to take them to and from providers.  However, every State's Medicaid program is different.  The following information contained in this toolkit will provide a general scope of Medicaid-covered emergency transportation and NEMT benefits as well as review the principles applicable to such coverage.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation (presentation - updated April 2016)

Non Emergency Medical Transportation (PDF) (presentation handout - updated April 2016)

Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (PDF) (fact sheet - updated April 2016)

Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Booklet for Providers (PDF) (booklet - updated April 2016)

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