Registration for Open Payments Reporting Entities

Registration for Reporting Entities

Get Started with Open Payments

To submit data for your organization and perform other functions within the Open Payments system, you must be registered in both the CMS Identity Management System (IDM) and the Open Payments system. This registration requires two steps:

Step 1

Register in IDM via the IDM portal. Use the IDM Registration Quick Reference Guide (PDF) to help you through the process. IDM will automatically deactivate any user that has not logged in for 180 days or more. Users must call the Open Payments Help Desk at 1-855-326-8366 or TTY line call 1-844-649-2766 to reinstate an account after 180 days of inactivity.

Step 2

Register in the Open Payments system (accessible via the IDM portal). Refer to the Registration and Recertification Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for assistance.

Tips to Streamline Registration in the Open Payments System

  • Please use Internet Explorer 10 or 11 or the latest version of Microsoft Edge or Firefox. The Open Payments system isn’t currently optimized for Safari or Chrome browsers.
  • The entire registration process usually takes about 30 minutes to complete and must be finished in a single session. Users cannot save entries or complete their profiles at later times.Note: Using your browser’s navigation buttons during the registration process may delete information you have entered.
  • Identify User Roles before registration.
  • The Open Payments Help Desk is available to address any questions or challenges in the registration and vetting process.

User Roles for Reporting Entities

There are four user roles for reporting entities: Officer, Submitter, Attester, and Compliance. Reporting entities must have individuals assigned to these roles within the Open Payments system before they can use the system. Users may have multiple roles. Each reporting entity can have up to 10 users, but no more than 5 users can hold an officer role.

The person registering your organization must select the role of officer. They can also select the role of submitter and/or attester or choose others for these roles. At least one person must be identified for each of the four roles in the Open Payments system during initial registration, whether it is the individual registering in all four roles or others that they choose. The system will not allow you to proceed without at least one person chosen for each user role.

More information about the functions and requirements of each role is outlined in the table below.

User Role




  • Manages the reporting entity’s profile in the Open Payments system
  • Nominates/approves other individuals for user roles
  • May self-select the role of submitter and/or attester
  • Must be an officer as designated by the reporting entity
  • If nominated, must either accept or reject the nomination
  • Must select role of officer when registering a new reporting entity
  • You won’t be able to proceed if this role isn’t selected for a reporting entity


  • Submits data to the Open Payments system
  • Receives emails regarding data disputed by covered recipients
  • May edit their respective reporting entity's data when necessary
  • Not required to be an officer
  • If nominated, must either accept or reject the nomination


  • Attests to the accuracy of the data in the Open Payments system on behalf of the reporting entity
  • Must be an officer of the reporting entity
  • If nominated must either accept or reject the nomination


  • Has the ability to view and download any compliance related communication placed in the Open Payments System for the reporting entity
  • Does not have to be an officer of the reporting entity
  • If nominated, must either accept or reject the nomination

Learn more about the user roles and the nomination through the Quick Reference Guides available on the Resources page.

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