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QHP Survey

About the QHP Enrollee Survey

Section 1311(c)(4) of Affordable Care Act requires the HHS Secretary to develop an enrollee satisfaction survey system that assesses consumer experience with QHPs offered through an Exchange. It also requires public display of information by each Marketplace to allow individuals to assess enrollee experience among comparable plans.

CMS developed the QHP Enrollee Survey to assess enrollees’ experiences with QHPs offered through the Exchanges. The survey underwent preliminary testing in 2014 and 2015.  Utilizing data from the 2016 QHP Enrollee Survey, CMS conducted a pilot test of displaying quality ratings on  

2019 HHS-Approved Survey Vendors

QHP Issuers must contract with an HHS-approved survey vendor. The list of 2019 approved vendors can be found here. 

2019 QHP Enrollee Survey Technical Specifications

Detailed information about the QHP Enrollee Survey, processes, protocols, and measures can be found in the QHP Enrollee Survey Technical Specifications for 2019.

2019 Survey Vendor Training Slides

The slides from the 2019 Survey Vendor Training are available here.

2019 QHP Enrollee Survey Instruments

Survey material templates can be found on the Survey Vendor and Survey Material pages

Technical Assistance related to the QHP Enrollee Survey

Technical Assistance for QHP issuers and HHS-approved Survey Vendors is available. QHP issuers should contact the Marketplace Service Help Desk (MSD) reference "Marketplace Quality Initiatives": or 1-855-CMS-1515 (1-855-267-1515). Vendors should submit questions by emailing: