Open Payments Registration for Physicians & Teaching Hospitals

Open Payments is a federal program, required by the Affordable Care Act, that collects information about certain payments that drug and device companies make to physicians and teaching hospitals for things like travel, research, gifts, speaking fees, and meals. It also includes ownership interests that physicians or their immediate family members have in these companies.  This data is then made available to the public each year on Learn more about Open Payments.

For physicians and teaching hospitals:

Registration has two main steps:

Step 1: Register in the CMS Identity Management System (IDM).
This step confirms your identity and makes sure others can’t get your information.

Step 2:  Register in the Open Payments system in the IDM portal.
This step lets you see the data reported about you.

Nominate a Staff Member to Review: If you have a staff member who will review the data, you can nominate one person in the system. Refer to the Open Payments System Quick Reference Guide for Nominating a Physician Authorized Representative and Accepting/Rejecting Nominations (PDF) to learn how to give them permission to see your data.

For office managers and their staff:

Please use the Authorized Representative page to find out how you can review and dispute data.

If you have already been nominated and registered, you can log into the IDM portal to view and manage your data.

Need Further Assistance? :

• Step 1 for physicians (PDF) or for teaching hospitals (PDF)
• Step 2 for physicians (PDF) or for teaching hospitals (PDF)

You can email the Open Payments Help Desk or call 1-855-326-8366 Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (ET), excluding Federal holidays.

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