Review and Dispute

Review and Dispute for Physicians and Teaching Hospitals

After June 30, can I dispute incorrect data in the Open Payments system?

Yes, you have until the end of the calendar year, in which the data is first published, to review and dispute the reported information. Changes that drug or device companies make to the data (as a result of your dispute) will be seen publicly in the data refresh (usually occurring in January of the next year).

• Data can only be disputed in the year it is first published. For example, a 2015 record published on June 30, 2016 can only be disputed until December 31, 2016.
• New data may be published from any previous program year. For example, a 2013 record published on June 30, 2016 can only be disputed until December 31, 2016.

Check your data annually to make sure you don’t miss a chance to review older data also.

Already registered? Go direct to the CMS portal to review.

Need to Register? Visit the registration information page to start.

Need help reviewing data or are you part of the office team? Use the quick reference guide (PDF) to nominate team members to help.

I have already registered but I am having trouble accessing my account to review data.

• Inactive for More than 60 Days? You can unlock your account in the CMS Portal.
• Inactive for More than 180 Days? Your account has been deactivated. Call the Open Payments Help Desk for help getting access at 1-855-326-8366.

Why is it important to review Open Payments data?

Reviewing the data reported about you means you can see the payments drug or device companies say they made to you. If the data is wrong, you can dispute it and give drug or device companies the chance to fix the data before the public can see it.

If you don’t review, the public might see data that’s wrong. The public will be able to see the data about you on June 30.

When can you review & dispute data?

You can review and dispute data at any time. However, starting in April you’ll have 45 days to review the data about you in advance of the June 30th publication.

The drug or device company has 15 additional days after the 45-day review period to fix any disputed records.  The data will be published on the Open Payments website on June 30.

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How do you review data?

Make sure you are registered in the Open Payments System.

Access the Open Payments section of the CMS Enterprise Portal and follow this guide (PDF). The Open Payments section also has tools to help you throughout the system.

If you have a staff member that will review the data, you can nominate one person in the system (Click here to see the quick reference guide (PDF)) so they can see your data.

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