LTCHPPS Historical Impact Files

The list below shows historical impact files for the LTCH PPS. The impact files are generally prepared in the spring (i.e., May) preceding the rate year (July through June) and are based on the best data available at the time. (Each file includes a record description)

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Title Payment Year Regulation Type of Data File
FY 2023 Impact File (final rule) FY 2023 CMS-1771-F FY23 Impact data
FY 2022 Impact File (final rule) FY2022 CMS-1752-F FY22 Impact data
FY 2021 Impact File (final rule) FY2021 CMS-1735-F FY21 Impact data
FY 2020 Impact File (final rule) FY2020 CMS-1716-F FY20 Impact data
FY 2019 Impact File (final rule) FY2019 CMS-1694-F FY19 Impact data
FY 2018 Impact File (final rule) FY2018 CMS-1677-F FY18 Impact data
FY 2017 Impact File (final rule) FY2017 CMS-1655-F FY17 Impact Data
FY 2016 Impact File (final rule) FY2016 CMS-1632-F FY16 Impact data
FY 2015 Impact File (final rule) FY2015 CMS-1607-F FY15 Impact data
FY 2014 Impact File (final rule) FY2014 CMS-1599-F FY14 Impact data
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