General Resources

This page contains a dynamic list of resources that provide helpful information for agents and brokers as well as web-brokers who enroll consumers in the Health Insurance Marketplace and small employers in Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) health insurance. This list includes guidance, regulations, newsletters, previous webinar slides, quick reference guides, and more.

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Date Topic Title Type of Resource
2022-10 Open Enrollment Helping Consumers Apply and Enroll in Marketplace Coverage Webinar Slides
2022-10 Ending Coverage Ending Marketplace Coverage & Coverage Appeals Webinar Slides
2022-10 Complex Case Scenarios Complex Case Scenarios Webinar Slides
2022-10 Webinar Slides Understanding Marketplace Compliance Rules & Regulations Webinar Slides
2022-10 Underserved Communities Reaching Underserved Communities Webinar Slides
2022-10 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Cybersecurity Tip Sheet
2022-10 New Agents and Brokers Welcome to the Marketplace: A Guide for New Agents and Brokers Webinar Slides
2022-10 Open Enrollment Preparing for Plan Year 2023 Open Enrollment Webinar Slides
2022-08 Registration and Training Returning Agents' and Brokers' Guide to Plan Year 2023 Marketplace Registration and Training Tip Sheet
2022-08 Cybersecurity Protecting Consumer Information and Practicing Cybersecurity Hygiene Tip Sheet