DMEPOS Fee Schedule


The list contains the fee schedule amounts, floors, and ceilings for all procedure codes and payment category, jurisdiction, and short description assigned to each procedure code.


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File Name Description Year
DME-21AR Revised January 2021 DMEPOS Fee Schedule 2021
DME21-D October 2021 DMEPOS Fee Schedule Update 2021
DME21-A January 2021 DME Fee Schedule 2021
DME21-B April 2021 DMEPOS Fee Schedule Information 2021
DME20-D October 2020 DMEPOS Fee Schedule Update 2020
DME20-B April 2020 DMEPOS Fee Schedule 2020
DME20-C July 2020 DMEPOS Fee Schedule Update 2020
DME20-A January 2020 DMEPOS Fee Schedule Information 2020
DME20-CARES Interim Final Rule with Comment Period (CMS-5531-IFC) Durable Medical Equipment Fee Schedule. This file update contains the changes required under section 3712 of the CARES Act. 2020
DME19_B April 2019 DMEPOS Fee Schedules 2019
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