Acute Inpatient - Files for Download

The following public use data files were used in the preparation of the IPPS Final and/or Proposed Rules. Files available on this page include Case Mix Index, DRG weights and supporting data, ICD-9 Codes, IPPS Impact analysis, the Provider Specific file and County/MSA/CBSA crosswalk file. Data files specific to the wage index may be accessed on our wage index page (please see link under the "Related Links Inside CMS" section of the details page).

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Title Fiscal Year Type of File
FY 1999 - 2002 Standardizing File 1998 - 2002 Data Files
DRG Relative Weights 2005 FY06 Final Notice Data
Major Diagnostic Category (MDC) 2005 FY05 Final Notice Data
AORBOR 2005 FY05 Final Notice Data
New MSA (Under CBSA Definitions) to Old MSA Crosswalk File 2005 Other Data Files
Standardizing File 2005 FY05 Final Notice Data
Files for FY 2006 Final Rule and Correction Notice 2006 Tables and Data Files
Files for FY 2007 Final Rule and Correction Notice 2007 Tables and Data Files
Hospital Nursing Staff Factors for the SCH/MDH Volume Decrease Adjustment for FY07 2007 FY10 Final Notice Data
SCH/MDH Volume Decrease Adjustment 2008 FY08 Final Notice Data
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