LTCHPPS Regulations and Notices

The list below shows the federal regulations and notices for rate years and fiscal years for the Long Term Care Hospital PPS.

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Regulation No. Title Payment Year Publication Date
CMS-1716-F FY 2020 LTCH PPS Final Rule FY2020 2019-08-16
CMS-1716-P FY 2020 LTCH PPS Proposed Rule FY2020 2019-05-03
CMS-1694-F FY 2019 LTCH PPS Final Rule FY2019 2018-08-17
CMS-1694-P FY 2019 LTCH PPS Proposed Rule FY2019 2018-05-07
CMS-1677-F FY 2018 LTCH PPS Final Rule FY2018 2017-08-14
CMS-1677-P FY 2018 LTCH PPS Proposed Rule FY2018 2017-04-28
CMS-1655-F FY 2017 LTCH PPS Final Rule FY2017 2016-08-22
CMS-1655-P FY 2017 LTCH PPS Proposed Rule FY2017 2016-04-27
CMS-1664-IFC and F Medicare Program; Temporary Exception for Certain Severe Wound Discharges from Certain Long Term Care Hospitals Required by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016; Modification of Limitations on Redesignation by the Medicare Geographic Classification Review Board FY2016 2016-04-21
CMS-1632-F FY 2016 LTCH PPS Final Rule FY2016 2015-08-17
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