MSIS Tables

The 25 MSIS statistical tables contain national state-by-state data. These tables contain high-level aggregated statistics relating to Medicaid eligibility and claims data. The content of the individual table is described in the Table Title via our drop down list below. For more detail regarding state specific data anomalies, refer to the MSIS State Anomalies/Issues Document in the "Downloads" section of each table selected.

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Fiscal Year Table Title
2003 Medicaid Beneficiaries by Race/Ethnicity
2003 Medicaid Payments by Basis of Eligibility of Beneficiaries
2003 Medicaid Eligibles by Maintenance Assistance Status
2003 Medicaid Eligibles by Gender
2001 Medicaid Beneficiaries by Age Group
2001 Medicaid Payments by Age Group of Beneficiaries
2006 Medicaid Payments by Dual Eligibility Status
2003 Medicaid Eligibles by Race/Ethnicity
2001 Medicaid Beneficiaries by Gender
2003 Medicaid Payments by Program Type
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