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Information collections available for public comment.


CMS Form Number Date Subject
CMS-10407 2019-05-13 Summary of Benefits and Coverage Uniform Glossary
CMS-R-305 2019-02-14 External Quality Review (EQR) of Medicaid Managed Care, EQR Protocols, and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10260 2017-11-28 Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Program: Final Marketing Provisions in 42 CFR 422.111(a)(3) and 423.128(a)(3)
CMS-10305 2019-03-28 Medicare Part C and Part D Data Validation (42 CFR 422.516(g) and 423.514(g))
CMS-10220 2017-02-27 Security Consent and Surrogate Authorization Form
CMS-10221 2015-01-16 Site Investigation for Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTFs)
CMS-R-185 2017-09-22 Granting and Withdrawal of Deeming Authority to Private Nonprofit Accreditation Organizations and CLIA Exemption Under State Laboratory
CMS-1880 2018-01-24 Portable X-Ray Supplier Request for Certification
CMS-18F5 2017-10-19 Application for Hospital Insurance and Supporting Regulations
CMS-2540-10 2018-04-26 Skilled Nursing Facility and Skilled Nursing Facility Health Care Complex Cost Report Form
CMS-R-297 2016-09-29 Request for Employment Information
CMS-R-263 2019-03-15 Site Investigation for Suppliers of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS)
CMS-R-153 2018-07-17 Medicaid Drug Use Review (DUR) Program
CMS-10054 2017-10-18 Recognition of Payment for New Technology Services for Ambulatory Payment
CMS-855O 2017-11-28 Medicare Enrollment Application
CMS-265-11 2014-07-19 Independent Renal Dialysis Facility Cost Report
CMS-10237 2019-01-31 Medicare Advantage Application - Part C and 1876 Cost Plan Expansion Application Regulations under 42 CFR 422 (Subpart K) & 417.400
CMS-10137 2018-11-29 Title Solicitation for Applications for Medicare Prescription Drug Plan 2020 Contracts
CMS-10346 2017-09-05 Appeals of Quality Bonus Payment Determinations
CMS-10209 2017-11-28 Medicare Advantage Chronic Care Improvement Program and Quality Improvement Project Attestations
CMS-10291 2018-01-09 State Collection and Reporting of Dental Provider and Benefit Package Information on the Insure Kids Now! Web site and Hotline
CMS-10203 2017-09-05 Medicare Health Outcomes Survey (HOS)
CMS-10416 2018-04-04 Blueprint for Approval of State-based Health Insurance Exchanges
CMS-10249 2018-03-26 Administrative Requirements for Section 6071 of the Deficit Reduction Act
CMS-R-235 2014-06-27 Data Use Agreement
CMS-209 2019-01-09 Laboratory Personnel Report (CLIA) and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR 493.1 – 403.201Personnel Report (CLIA) and Supporting Regulations
CMS-R-246 2017-07-17 Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, and Medicare Fee-For-Service Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Survey
CMS-10418 2018-06-08 Annual MLR and Rebate Calculation Report and MLR Rebate Notices
CMS-64 2014-04-11 Medicaid Program Budget Report
CMS-37 2014-04-11 Medicaid Program Budget Report
CMS-10398 2015-09-14 Demonstration Programs to Improve Community Mental Health Services
CMS-R-308 2017-04-28 State Children's Health Insurance Program and Supporting Regulations
CMS-R-268 2014-06-13 MS Interactive Survey Tool
CMS-10142 2018-12-14 Bid Pricing Tool (BPT) for Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)
CMS-R-262 2019-01-31 Contract Year 2020 Plan Benefit Package (PBP) Software and Formulary Submission
CMS-10421 2018-02-07 Fee-for-Service Recovery Audit Prepayment Review Demonstration and Prior Authorization Demonstration
CMS-372(S) 2018-03-15 Annual Report on Home and Community Based Services Waivers and Supporting
CMS-10406 2016-04-29 Probable Fraud Measurement Pilot
CMS-10169 2018-07-18 Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS) Competitive Bidding Program
CMS–10422 2014-11-17 Payments for Services Furnished by Certain Primary Care Providers and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR 438.6, 438.804, 447.400, and 447.410
CMS-10432 2019-04-23 Revised and New Procedural Requirements for the FY 2020 Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Quality Reporting (IPFQR) Program
CMS-10419 2014-10-31 Transparency Reports and Reporting of Physician Ownership or Investment Interests (CMS-1612-F; RIN 0938-AS12)
CMS-10401 2018-01-08 Standards Related to Reinsurance, Risk Corridors, and Risk Adjustment
CMS-10463 2016-08-10 Cooperative Agreement to Support Navigators in Federally-facilitated and State Partnership Exchanges
CMS-10371 2017-05-19 Cooperative Agreement to Support Establishment of State-Operated Health Insurance Exchanges
CMS-10471 2017-02-27 Evaluation of the Medicare Prior Authorization for Power Mobility Devices (PMDs) Demonstration
CMS-R-245 2016-04-22 Hospice Quality Reporting Program
CMS-10494 2018-01-17 Exchange Functions: Standards for Navigators and Non-Navigator Assistance Personnel—CAC
CMS-10495 2017-02-27 Data Collection and Submission, Registration, Attestation, Dispute and Resolution, Record Retention, and Assumptions Document Submission, for Open Payments
CMS-10500 2018-07-13 Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery (OAS CAHPS) Survey
CMS-40B 2017-07-07 Application for Enrollment in Medicare the Medical Insurance Program
CMS-10512 2014-02-07 Direct Service Workforce Resource Center CC Survey Instrument
CMS-10120 2017-03-27 1932(a) State Plan Amendment Template, State Plan Requirements, and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10510 2014-06-27 Basic Health Program Report for Health Insurance Exchange Premium
CMS-102 & 105 2014-01-29 CLIA Budget Workload Reports and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10462 2014-03-25 Community First Choice Option Evaluation
CMS-R-53 2014-02-14 Imposition of Cost Sharing Charges Under Medicaid and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10518 2017-10-27 Application for Participation in the Intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIG) Demonstration
CMS-10520 2019-02-14 Marketplace Quality Standards
CMS-10332 2017-06-26 Disclosure Requirement for the In-Office Ancillary Services Exception
CMS-10521 2014-07-25 Improving Quality of Care in Medicaid and CHIP through Increased Access to Preventive Services, State Survey
CMS-10525 2016-12-02 Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Quality Data Entry in CMS Health Plan Monitoring System
CMS-10529 2017-10-03 Quarterly Medicaid and CHIP Budget and Expenditure Reporting for the Medical Assistance Program, Administration and CHIP
CMS-10536 2017-12-26 Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment (EE) Implementation Advanced Planning Document (IAPD) Template
CMS-10541 2014-11-26 Summary of Benefits and Coverage Plan Variations
CMS-10542 2015-02-13 Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Survey Mode Experiment
CMS-10543 2015-02-13 Emergency Department Patient Experience of Care (EDPEC) Survey Mode Experiment
CMS-10341 2018-06-08 Section 1115 Demonstration Projects Regulations at 42 CFR 431.408, 431.412, 431.420, 431.424, and 431.428
CMS-10241 2018-05-18 Fee-for-Service Recovery Audit Prepayment Review Demonstration and Prior Authorization Demonstration
CMS-224-14 2015-08-04 Federally Qualified Health Center Cost Report Form
CMS-10545 2018-03-12 Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) OASIS-C2/ICD-10
CMS-10549 2017-10-27 Generic Clearance for Questionnaire Testing and Methodological Research for the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS)
CMS-R-306 2019-01-31 Use of Restraint and Seclusion in Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTFs) for Individuals Under Age 21 and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10410 2018-12-14 Medicaid Program; Eligibility Changes under the Affordable Care Act of 2010
CMS-R-74 2018-10-09 Income and Eligibility Verification System
CMS-10544 2018-03-12 Good Cause Processes
CMS-1696 2018-03-14 Appointment of Representative and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR
CMS-10464 2019-03-19 Agent/Broker Data Collection in Federally - Facilitated Health Insurance Exchanges
CMS-10555 2015-12-14 Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Effective Date and Termination Notice Requirements
CMS-10417 2017-02-07 Medicare Fee-for-Service Prepayment Medical Review
CMS-10102 2018-12-11 National Implementation of the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Survey
CMS-10550 2015-03-20 Hospital National Provider Survey
CMS-10551 2015-03-20 Nursing Home National Provider Survey
CMS-10558 2017-08-24 Machine Readable Data for Provider Network and Prescription Formulary Content for FFM QHPs
CMS-10556 2016-03-30 Medical Necessity and Contract Amendments Under Mental Health Parity
CMS-10141 2017-11-28 Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 (CARA) / Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Program
CMS-10552 2018-05-07 Implementation of Medicare and Medicaid Programs; - Promoting Interoperability Programs Stage 3
CMS-179 2019-02-21 Medicaid State Plan Base Plan Pages
CMS-10261 2019-04-24 Part C Medicare Advantage Reporting Requirements and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR 422.516(a)
CMS-10185 2018-06-08 Medicare Part D Reporting Requirements and Supporting Regulations in MMA Title I, Part 423, §423.514
CMS-10431 2018-05-07 Quality Measures and Procedures for the PPS-Exempt Cancer Hospital Quality Reporting Program (PCHQR Program) for the FY 2021 Program Year
CMS-10554 2018-11-14 Children’s Health Insurance Program Managed Care and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10553 2019-05-24 Medicaid Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Programs, State Review of Accreditation Status, Medicaid Managed Care Quality Rating System, and Quality Strategy (QS) and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10108 2018-11-14 Medicaid Managed Care and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10575 2018-11-20 Generic Clearance for the Heath Care Payment Learning and Action Network
CMS-10568 2015-11-16 Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) Reporting of Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) and Other Codes as Required for RHC Claims and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR 405.2462(g)(3)
CMS-10570 2015-11-16 Appropriate Use Criteria for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Services
CMS–10276 2015-07-15 The Physician Quality Reporting System
CMS-R-234 2018-07-17 Subpart D - Private Contracts and Supporting Regulations Contained in 42 CFR 405.410, 405.430, 405.435, 405.440, 405.445, and 405.455
CMS-10110 2017-07-31 Manufacturer Submission of Average Sales Prices (ASP) Data for Medicare Part B Drugs
CMS-10387 2018-04-27 Minimum Data Set (MDS) 3.0 Nursing Home and Swing Bed Prospective Payment System (PPS) Item Sets (NP, NO/SO, NS, NOD, NSD, NPE) and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR 413.337, 413.343, 424.32 and 483.
CMS-10433 2018-10-23 Data Collection to Support QHP Certification and other Financial Management and Exchange Operations
CMS-10143 2018-07-13 State Data for the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA)
CMS-10564 2015-12-28 Home Health Face-to-Face Encounter Clinical Templates
CMS-10526 2017-02-16 Cost-Sharing Reduction Reconciliation Information Collection
CMS-906 2019-01-31 Fiscal Soundness Reporting Requirements
CMS-10079 2019-04-19 Hospital Wage Index Occupational Mix Survey
CMS-10565 2019-03-28 Off-cycle Submission of Summaries of Model of Care Changes
CMS–10003 2019-04-10 Notice of Denial of Medical Coverage (or Payment) (NDMCP)
CMS-1450 2019-04-16 Medicare Uniform Instructional Provider Bill and Supporting Regulations 42 CFR 424.5
CMS-1500 2015-10-16 Health Insurance Claims form
CMS-10280 2019-02-14 Home Health Change of Care Notice (HHCCN)
CMS–10391 2018-03-23 Methods for Assuring Access to Covered Medicaid Services Under 42 CFR 447.203 and 447.204
CMS-R-131 2016-05-02 Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN)
CMS-10325 2019-03-12 Disclosure and Recordkeeping Requirements for Grandfathered Health Plans under the Affordable Care Act
CMS-10400 2016-03-04 Establishment of Qualified Health Plans and American Health Benefit Exchanges
CMS-10594 2016-03-08 Provider Network Coverage
CMS-10593 2015-12-02 Establishment of an Exchangeby a State and Qualified Health Plans
CMS-10333 2016-01-20 Consumer Assistance Program Grants
CMS-R-193 2016-06-13 Important Message From Medicare in 42 CFR 405.1205 and 422.620
CMS-R-244 2017-02-17 Programs for All-inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE) and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR Part 460
CMS-10434 2016-03-28 Medicaid and CHIP Program (MACPro)
CMS-10438 2016-03-25 Data Collection to Support Eligibility Determinations and Enrollment for Employees in the Small Business Health Options Program
CMS-R-282 2016-06-13 Medicare Advantage Appeals and Grievance Data Disclosure Requirements and Supporting Regulations (42 CFR 422.111)
CMS-R-284 2019-05-23 Transformed – Medicaid Statistical Information System (T-MSIS
CMS-10599 2018-09-27 Pre-Claim Review Demonstration For Home Health Services
CMS-10379 2019-05-20 Rate Increase Disclosure and Review Requirements (45 CFR Part 154)
CMS-846-849, 854, 10125 and 10126 2016-02-19 Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC) Regional Carrier, Certificate of Medical Necessity and Supporting Documentation
CMS-P-0015A 2019-04-16 Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey
CMS-3427 2016-02-26 End Stage Renal Disease Application and Survey and Certification Report
CMS-576A 2016-02-26 Organ Procurement Organization’s Health Insurance Benefits Agreement and Supporting
CMS-R-199 2016-03-02 Medicaid Report on Payables and Receivables
CMS-10576 2016-03-02 CMS-10576 - Medicare and Medicaid Program; Program Integrity Enhancements to the Provider Enrollment Process
CMS-10377 2019-03-19 Student Health Insurance Coverage
CMS-10465 2019-03-19 Minimum Essential Coverage
CMS-10316 2016-06-30 Implementation of the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) and Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan Disenrollment Reasons Survey
CMS-10615 2016-09-26 Healthy Indiana Program (HIP) 2.0 Beneficiaries Survey, Focus Groups, and Informational Interviews
CMS-10309 2016-04-01 Grandfathering Provisions of the Medicare DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program
CMS-1490 2016-04-22 Patient’s Request for Medical Payment
CMS-367 2016-07-11 Medicaid Drug Program - Monthly and Quarterly Drug Reporting Format
CMS-10243 2016-05-02 Testing Experience and Functional Tools: Functional Assessment Standardized Items (FASI) Based on the CARE Tool
CMS-10328 2016-09-09 Medicare Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol
CMS-10295 2016-05-11 Reporting Requirements for States Under Transitional Medical Assistance (TMA) Provisions
CMS-10469 2016-05-13 Issuer Reporting Requirements for Selecting a Cost-Sharing Reductions Reconciliation Methodology
CMS-838 2018-04-27 Medicare Credit Balance Reporting Requirements
CMS-10157 2019-03-18 HIPAA Eligibility Tracking System
CMS-10105 2019-05-13 National Implementation of In-Center Hemodialysis CAHPS Survey
CMS-10191 2018-04-02 Medicare Parts C and D Program Audit Protocols and Data Requests
CMS-10623 2016-06-13 Testing Experience and Functional Tools Demonstration: Personal Health Record (PHR) User Survey
CMS-R-142 2016-06-10 Examination and Treatment for Emergency Medical Conditions and Women in Labor (EMTALA)
CMS-10605 2016-06-17 The Health Insurance Enforcement and Consumer Protections Grant Program Cycle I
CMS-379 2016-07-08 The Financial Statement of Debtor and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10062 2016-09-26 Collection of Diagnostic Data from Medicare Advantage Organizations for Risk Adjusted Payments
CMS-10624 2016-11-15 Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) for Diagnostic Imaging Services: Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (CDSM) Application Process
CMS-339 2016-07-15 Medicare Provider Cost Report Reimbursement Questionnaire
CMS-460 2016-07-15 Medicare Participating Physician or Supplier Agreement
CMS-R-64 2019-04-08 Indirect Medical Education and Direct Graduate Medical Education
CMS-10311 2016-07-29 Medicare Program/Home Health Prospective Payment System Rate Update for Calendar Year 2010: Physician Narrative Requirement
CMS-R-5 2016-07-22 Nursing Facilities Manual Instructions and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10242 2016-07-29 Emergency Ambulance Transports and Beneficiary Signature Requirements
CMS-10340 2016-12-02 Collection of Risk Adjustment Data from Medicare Advantage Organizations, Section 1876 Cost HMOS/CMPS, Section 1833 Health Care Prepayment Plans (HCPPS), Medicare-Medicaid Plans (MMPS), and Pace Organizations
CMS-10630 2019-03-15 Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) 2020 Audit Protocol
CMS-10628 2016-08-18 State Moratoria Request Form 60 day, and Supporting Statement for Enrollment Moratorium Final Draft
CMS-10476 2017-11-28 Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Report for Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)
CMS-10631 2018-02-09 The PACE Organization Application Process in 42 CFR Part 460
CMS-10633 2016-12-28 QIC Demonstration Evaluation Contractor (QDEC): Analyze Medicare Appeals to Conduct Formal Discussions and Re-openings with Suppliers Appeals to Conduct Formal Discussions and Re-openings With Suppliers
CMS-10634 2016-12-23 Evaluating a Pilot Mobile Health Program
CMS-R-138 2016-07-06 Medicare Geographic Classification Review Board Procedures and Criteria
CMS-10088 2016-10-11 Notification of FIs and CMS of co-located Medicare providers
CMS-10635 2017-04-06 Montana Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership (HELP) Federal Evaluation
CMS-10396 2017-02-21 Medication Therapy Management Program Improvements
CMS-10466 2016-12-28 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Exchange Functions: Eligibility for Exemptions
CMS-8003 2017-02-17 1915(c) Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver
CMS-416 2017-02-17 Annual Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) Participation Report
CMS-10450 2018-11-23 Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Survey for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)
CMS-10636 2017-07-19 Three-Year Network Adequacy Review for Medicare Advantage Organizations
CMS-10621 2018-11-23 Quality Payment Program/Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)
CMS-10490 2016-11-28 Program Integrity and Additional State Information Collections
CMS-10219 2017-02-17 Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) Data Collection for Medicare Advantage
CMS-10275 2017-02-21 CAHPS Home Helath Care Survey
CMS-10227 2017-02-17 PACE State Plan Amendment Preprint
CMS-10198 2017-02-17 Creditable Coverage Disclosure to CMS On-Line Form and Instructions
CMS-R-266 2017-02-21 Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital Annual Reporting
CMS-4040 2017-02-17 Request for Enrollment in Supplementary Medical Insurance
CMS-10171 2017-02-21 Collecting Benefit Coordination Data
CMS-10344 2017-02-17 Elimination of Cost Sharing for Full Benefit Dual Eligible Individuals Receiving Home and Community-Based Services
CMS-2088-17 2017-01-10 Community Mental Health Center Cost Report and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10175 2017-02-27 Certification Statement for Electronic File Interchange Organizations (EIFOs)
CMS-1984-14 2017-03-09 Hospice Facility Cost Report
CMS-43 2017-07-07 Application for Hospital Insurance Benefits for Individuals with End Stage Renal Disease
CMS-R-285 2017-07-07 Request for Retirement Benefit Information
CMS-10215 2017-07-07 Medicaid Payment for Prescription Drugs - Physicians and Hospital Outpatient Departments Collecting and Submitting Drug Identifying Information to State Medicaid Programs
CMS-10174 2017-07-07 Collection of Prescription Drug Event Data from Contracted Part D Providers for Payment
CMS-1763 2017-07-07 Request for Termination of Premium Hospital and Supplemcntary Medical Insurance
CMS-10326 2017-03-21 Electronic Submission of Medicare GME Affiliation Agreements
CMS-10452 2017-03-21 CMS Enterprise Identity Management System
CMS-10210 2019-05-03 Quality Measures and Procedures for the Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program for the FY 2020 IPPS Annual Payment Updates
CMS-10507 2019-03-19 State-based Marketplace Annual Reporting Tool (SMART)
CMS-10454 2017-05-26 Disclosure of State Rating Requirements
CMS-10650 2017-08-24 State Permissions for Enrollment in Qualified Health Plans in the Federally Facilitated Exchange & Non-Exchange Entities
CMS-10036 2018-05-08 Inpatient Rehabilitation Assessment Instrument and Data Set for PPS for Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities
CMS-10380 2017-06-02 Rate Increase Disclosure and Review Reporting Requirements
CMS-10652 2017-06-14 Virtual Groups for Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)
CMS-10239 2017-06-26 Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Conditions of Participation and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10307 2017-12-08 Medical Necessity Disclosure Under MHPAEA and Claims Denial Disclosure Under MHPAEA
CMS-10654 2018-11-23 Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) for Diagnostic Imaging Services: Consultation of Specified Applicable AUC through a Qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism
CMS-10224 2017-07-19 Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) - Level II Code Modification Request Process
CMS-222-17 2017-07-19 The forms are revised to capture medical and mental health visits by payer and to remove all references to Federally Qualified Health Center.
CMS-216-94 2017-07-19 Organ Procurement Organization/Histocompatibility Laboratory Cost Report
CMS-10123 and 10124 2017-09-22 Fast Track Appeals Notices: NOMNC / DENC
CMS-10653 2017-11-08 Coverage of Certain Preventative Services Under the Affordable Care Act
CMS-10361 2018-04-09 Request for Adjustment to the MLR Standard for a State’s Individual Market
CMS-10661 2017-11-28 Limit on Federal Financial Participation for Durable Medical Equipment in Medicaid
CMS-R-267 2018-02-27 Medicare Advantage Program and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10571 2018-03-27 Limited Wraparound Coverage Reporting
CMS-10637 2018-04-04 Marketplace Operations
CMS-10453 2018-02-07 The Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Program: Part C Explanation of Benefits and Supporting Regulations
CMS-1557 2018-02-28 Survey Report Form for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10336 2018-03-27 Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Electronic Health Record Incentive Program
CMS-10394 2018-03-12 Application to be Qualified Entity to Receive Medicare Data for Performance Measurement
CMS-10531 2018-04-10 The Transcatheter Valve Therapy (TVT) Registry
CMS-10669 2018-05-02 Health Equity Technical Assistance Monitoring and Tracking
CMS-10668 2018-05-24 Quality Measures and Administrative Procedures for the Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction Program for the FY 2019 IPPS Program Year
CMS-10673 2019-04-24 Medicare Advantage Qualifying Payment Arrangement Incentive (MAQI) Demonstration”.
CMS-10008 2018-07-17 Eligibility of Drugs, Biologicals, and Radiopharmaceutical Agents for Transitional Pass-Through Status Under the Hospital Outpatient Perspective Payment System(OPPS)
CMS-R-194 2018-07-17 Medicare Disproportionate Share Adjustment for Hospitals
CMS-10675 2018-11-29 Evaluation of the CMS Quality Improvement Organizations: Medication Safety and Adverse Drug Event Prevention
CMS-10391 2018-12-14 Methods for Assuring Access to Covered Medicaid Services Under 42 CFR 447.203 and 447.204
CMS-10680 2019-02-14 Electronic Visit Verification Compliance Survey
CMS-10684 2019-01-31 21st Century Cures Act Section 12002 IMD Study
CMS-10524 2019-01-31 Medicare Program; Prior Authorization Process for Certain Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetic, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS)
CMS-10657 2019-03-15 The State Flexibility to Stabilize the Market Grant Program
CMS-10681 2018-11-07 Supporting Statement for Billing and Collection of the Separate Payment for Certain Abortion Services
CMS-10688 2019-02-28 Home Health (HH) National Provider Survey
CMS-10511 2019-01-31 Medicare Coverage of Items and Services in FDA Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Clinical Studies--Revision of Medicare Coverage
CMS-10164 2018-11-09 Medicare EDI Enrollment Form and EDI Registration
CMS-10691 2018-11-30 Data Request and Attestation for PDP Sponsors
CMS-10692 2019-03-15 Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Incident Management Survey
CMS-3070G-I 2018-12-14 ICF/IID Survey Report Forms (CMS-3070G-I) and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10694 2019-04-16 Testing of Web Survey Design and Administration for CMS Experience of Care Surveys
CMS-10696 2019-01-24 Information Collection Requirement for Mid-Year Formulary Change Reporting and Notice Requirement
CMS-276 2019-01-31 Prepaid Health Plan Cost Report
CMS-10065 and 10066 2019-02-22 Hospital Notices: IM/DND
CMS-2746 2019-05-24 End Stage Renal Disease Death Notification
CMS-2728 2019-05-24 End Stage Renal Disease Medical Evidence Report Medicare Entitlement and/or Patient Registration
CMS-10052 2019-03-12 Recognition of pass-through payment for additional (new) categories of devices under the Outpatient Prospective Payment System and Supporting Regulations
CMS-1728-19 2019-04-16 Home Health Agency Medicare Cost Report
CMS-10699 2019-04-08 Information Collection Requirements Associated with Drug Pricing Transparency and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR 403.1202
CMS-10701 2019-05-31 Medicare Beneficiary Experiences with Care Survey (MBECS) System
CMS-1957 2019-05-24 Social Security Office (SSO) Report of State Buy-In Problem
CMS-10697 2019-06-04 Medicare Coverage of Items and Services for Coverage with Evidence Development