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Information collections available for public comment.


CMS Form Number Date Subject
CMS-10407 2019-08-20 Summary of Benefits and Coverage Uniform Glossary
CMS-R-305 2019-09-11 External Quality Review (EQR) of Medicaid Managed Care, EQR Proto9cols, and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10260 2017-11-28 Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Program: Final Marketing Provisions in 42 CFR 422.111(a)(3) and 423.128(a)(3)
CMS-10305 2019-08-15 Medicare Part C and Part D Data Validation (42 CFR 422.516(g) and 423.514(g))
CMS-10220 2017-02-27 Security Consent and Surrogate Authorization Form
CMS-10221 2015-01-16 Site Investigation for Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTFs)
CMS-R-185 2017-09-22 Granting and Withdrawal of Deeming Authority to Private Nonprofit Accreditation Organizations and CLIA Exemption Under State Laboratory
CMS-1880 2018-01-24 Portable X-Ray Supplier Request for Certification
CMS-18F5 2017-10-19 Application for Hospital Insurance and Supporting Regulations
CMS-2540-10 2018-04-26 Skilled Nursing Facility and Skilled Nursing Facility Health Care Complex Cost Report Form
CMS-R-297 2016-09-29 Request for Employment Information
CMS-R-263 2019-03-15 Site Investigation for Suppliers of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS)
CMS-R-153 2018-07-17 Medicaid Drug Use Review (DUR) Program
CMS-10054 2017-10-18 Recognition of Payment for New Technology Services for Ambulatory Payment
CMS-855O 2017-11-28 Medicare Enrollment Application
CMS-265-11 2014-07-19 Independent Renal Dialysis Facility Cost Report
CMS-10237 2019-09-12 Applications for Part C Medicare Advantage, 1876 Cost Plans, and Employer Group Waiver Plans to Provide Part C Benefits
CMS-10137 2019-08-16 Title Solicitation for Applications for Medicare Prescription Drug Plan 2020 Contracts
CMS-10346 2017-09-05 Appeals of Quality Bonus Payment Determinations
CMS-10209 2017-11-28 Medicare Advantage Chronic Care Improvement Program and Quality Improvement Project Attestations
CMS-10291 2018-01-09 State Collection and Reporting of Dental Provider and Benefit Package Information on the Insure Kids Now! Web site and Hotline
CMS-10203 2017-09-05 Medicare Health Outcomes Survey (HOS)
CMS-10416 2018-04-04 Blueprint for Approval of State-based Health Insurance Exchanges
CMS-10249 2018-03-26 Administrative Requirements for Section 6071 of the Deficit Reduction Act
CMS-R-235 2014-06-27 Data Use Agreement
CMS-209 2019-01-09 Laboratory Personnel Report (CLIA) and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR 493.1 – 403.201Personnel Report (CLIA) and Supporting Regulations
CMS-R-246 2017-07-17 Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, and Medicare Fee-For-Service Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Survey
CMS-10418 2018-06-08 Annual MLR and Rebate Calculation Report and MLR Rebate Notices
CMS-64 2014-04-11 Medicaid Program Budget Report
CMS-37 2014-04-11 Medicaid Program Budget Report
CMS-10398 2015-09-14 Demonstration Programs to Improve Community Mental Health Services
CMS-R-308 2017-04-28 State Children's Health Insurance Program and Supporting Regulations
CMS-R-268 2014-06-13 MS Interactive Survey Tool
CMS-10142 2019-09-23 Bid Pricing Tool (BPT) for Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)
CMS-R-262 2019-10-04 Contract Year 2020 Plan Benefit Package (PBP) Software and Formulary Submission
CMS-10421 2018-02-07 Fee-for-Service Recovery Audit Prepayment Review Demonstration and Prior Authorization Demonstration
CMS-372(S) 2018-03-15 Annual Report on Home and Community Based Services Waivers and Supporting
CMS-10406 2016-04-29 Probable Fraud Measurement Pilot
CMS-10169 2018-07-18 Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS) Competitive Bidding Program
CMS–10422 2014-11-17 Payments for Services Furnished by Certain Primary Care Providers and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR 438.6, 438.804, 447.400, and 447.410
CMS-10432 2019-04-23 Revised and New Procedural Requirements for the FY 2020 Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Quality Reporting (IPFQR) Program
CMS-10419 2014-10-31 Transparency Reports and Reporting of Physician Ownership or Investment Interests (CMS-1612-F; RIN 0938-AS12)
CMS-10401 2018-01-08 Standards Related to Reinsurance, Risk Corridors, and Risk Adjustment
CMS-10463 2016-08-10 Cooperative Agreement to Support Navigators in Federally-facilitated and State Partnership Exchanges
CMS-10371 2017-05-19 Cooperative Agreement to Support Establishment of State-Operated Health Insurance Exchanges
CMS-10471 2017-02-27 Evaluation of the Medicare Prior Authorization for Power Mobility Devices (PMDs) Demonstration
CMS-R-245 2016-04-22 Hospice Quality Reporting Program
CMS-10494 2018-01-17 Exchange Functions: Standards for Navigators and Non-Navigator Assistance Personnel—CAC
CMS-10495 2019-07-29 Data Collection and Submission, Registration, Attestation, Dispute and Resolution, Record Retention, and Assumptions Document Submission, for Open Payments
CMS-10500 2018-07-13 Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery (OAS CAHPS) Survey
CMS-40B 2017-07-07 Application for Enrollment in Medicare the Medical Insurance Program
CMS-10512 2014-02-07 Direct Service Workforce Resource Center CC Survey Instrument
CMS-10120 2017-03-27 1932(a) State Plan Amendment Template, State Plan Requirements, and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10510 2014-06-27 Basic Health Program Report for Health Insurance Exchange Premium
CMS-102 & 105 2014-01-29 CLIA Budget Workload Reports and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10462 2014-03-25 Community First Choice Option Evaluation
CMS-R-53 2014-02-14 Imposition of Cost Sharing Charges Under Medicaid and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10518 2017-10-27 Application for Participation in the Intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIG) Demonstration
CMS-10520 2019-06-26 Marketplace Quality Standards
CMS-10332 2017-06-26 Disclosure Requirement for the In-Office Ancillary Services Exception
CMS-10521 2014-07-25 Improving Quality of Care in Medicaid and CHIP through Increased Access to Preventive Services, State Survey
CMS-10525 2016-12-02 Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Quality Data Entry in CMS Health Plan Monitoring System
CMS-10527 2019-07-10 Annual Eligibility Redetermination, Product Discontinuation and Renewal Notices
CMS-R-235 2019-06-26 Data Use Agreement (DUA) Form
CMS-10529 2017-10-03 Quarterly Medicaid and CHIP Budget and Expenditure Reporting for the Medical Assistance Program, Administration and CHIP
CMS-10536 2017-12-26 Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment (EE) Implementation Advanced Planning Document (IAPD) Template
CMS-10541 2014-11-26 Summary of Benefits and Coverage Plan Variations
CMS-10542 2015-02-13 Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Survey Mode Experiment
CMS-10543 2015-02-13 Emergency Department Patient Experience of Care (EDPEC) Survey Mode Experiment
CMS-10341 2018-06-08 Section 1115 Demonstration Projects Regulations at 42 CFR 431.408, 431.412, 431.420, 431.424, and 431.428
CMS-10241 2018-05-18 Fee-for-Service Recovery Audit Prepayment Review Demonstration and Prior Authorization Demonstration
CMS-224-14 2015-08-04 Federally Qualified Health Center Cost Report Form
CMS-10545 2018-03-12 Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) OASIS-C2/ICD-10
CMS-10549 2017-10-27 Generic Clearance for Questionnaire Testing and Methodological Research for the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS)
CMS-R-306 2019-01-31 Use of Restraint and Seclusion in Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTFs) for Individuals Under Age 21 and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10410 2018-12-14 Medicaid Program; Eligibility Changes under the Affordable Care Act of 2010
CMS-R-74 2018-12-31 Income and Eligibility Verification System
CMS-10544 2018-03-12 Good Cause Processes
CMS-1696 2018-03-14 Appointment of Representative and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR
CMS-10464 2019-03-19 Agent/Broker Data Collection in Federally - Facilitated Health Insurance Exchanges
CMS-10555 2015-12-14 Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Effective Date and Termination Notice Requirements
CMS-10417 2017-02-07 Medicare Fee-for-Service Prepayment Medical Review
CMS-10102 2018-12-11 National Implementation of the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Survey
CMS-10550 2015-03-20 Hospital National Provider Survey
CMS-10551 2015-03-20 Nursing Home National Provider Survey
CMS-10558 2017-08-24 Machine Readable Data for Provider Network and Prescription Formulary Content for FFM QHPs
CMS-10556 2019-09-11 Medical Necessity and Contract Amendments Under Mental Health Parity
CMS-10141 2017-11-28 Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 (CARA) / Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Program
CMS-10552 2018-05-07 Implementation of Medicare and Medicaid Programs; - Promoting Interoperability Programs Stage 3
CMS-179 2019-02-21 Medicaid State Plan Base Plan Pages
CMS-10261 2019-09-11 Part C Medicare Advantage Reporting Requirements and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR 422.516(a)
CMS-10185 2018-06-08 Medicare Part D Reporting Requirements and Supporting Regulations in MMA Title I, Part 423, §423.514
CMS-10431 2018-05-07 Quality Measures and Procedures for the PPS-Exempt Cancer Hospital Quality Reporting Program (PCHQR Program) for the FY 2021 Program Year
CMS-10554 2018-11-14 Children’s Health Insurance Program Managed Care and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10553 2019-05-24 Medicaid Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Programs, State Review of Accreditation Status, Medicaid Managed Care Quality Rating System, and Quality Strategy (QS) and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10108 2018-11-14 Medicaid Managed Care and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10575 2018-11-20 Generic Clearance for the Heath Care Payment Learning and Action Network
CMS-10568 2015-11-16 Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) Reporting of Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) and Other Codes as Required for RHC Claims and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR 405.2462(g)(3)
CMS-10570 2015-11-16 Appropriate Use Criteria for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Services
CMS-10276 2015-07-15 The Physician Quality Reporting System
CMS-R-234 2018-07-17 Subpart D - Private Contracts and Supporting Regulations Contained in 42 CFR 405.410, 405.430, 405.435, 405.440, 405.445, and 405.455
CMS-10569 2019-08-06 Data Collection for Quality Measures Using the Consolidated Renal Operations in a Web-Enabled Network (CROWNWeb)
CMS-10110 2017-07-31 Manufacturer Submission of Average Sales Prices (ASP) Data for Medicare Part B Drugs
CMS-10387 2019-04-25 Minimum Data Set 3.0 Nursing Home and Swing Bed Prospective Payment System (PPS) for the Collection of Data Related to the Patient Driven Payment Model and the Skilled Nursing Facility Quality Reporting Program (QRP)
CMS-10143 2018-07-13 State Data for the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA)
CMS-10564 2015-12-28 Home Health Face-to-Face Encounter Clinical Templates
CMS-10526 2017-02-16 Cost-Sharing Reduction Reconciliation Information Collection
CMS-906 2019-01-31 Fiscal Soundness Reporting Requirements
CMS-10079 2019-04-19 Hospital Wage Index Occupational Mix Survey
CMS-10565 2019-03-28 Off-cycle Submission of Summaries of Model of Care Changes
CMS–10003 2019-04-10 Notice of Denial of Medical Coverage (or Payment) (NDMCP)
CMS-1450 2019-07-19 Medicare Uniform Instructional Provider Bill and Supporting Regulations 42 CFR 424.5
CMS-1500 2019-09-12 Health Insurance Common Claims Form
CMS-10280 2019-02-14 Home Health Change of Care Notice (HHCCN)
CMS–10391 2018-03-23 Methods for Assuring Access to Covered Medicaid Services Under 42 CFR 447.203 and 447.204
CMS-R-131 2019-08-20 Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN)
CMS-10595 2019-07-26 Third Party Payment of QHP Premiums and Additional Notices for QHP Issuers Data Collection
CMS-10338 2019-08-15 Affordable Care Act Internal Claims and Appeals and External Review Procedures for Non-grandfathered Group Health Plans and Issuers and Individual Market Issuers
CMS-10400 2016-03-04 Establishment of Qualified Health Plans and American Health Benefit Exchanges
CMS-10594 2019-06-26 Provider Network Coverage Data Collection
CMS-10593 2015-12-02 Establishment of an Exchangeby a State and Qualified Health Plans
CMS-10430 2019-07-19 Information Collection Requirements for Compliance with Individual and Group Market Reforms under Title XXVII of the Public Health Service Act
CMS-10333 2016-01-20 Consumer Assistance Program Grants
CMS-855S 2019-07-10 Medicare Enrollment Application - Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS) Suppliers
CMS-R-193 2016-06-13 Important Message From Medicare in 42 CFR 405.1205 and 422.620
CMS-R-244 2017-02-17 Programs for All-inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE) and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR Part 460
CMS-10434 2019-08-15 Medicaid and CHIP Program (MACPro)
CMS-10438 2016-03-25 Data Collection to Support Eligibility Determinations and Enrollment for Employees in the Small Business Health Options Program
CMS-R-282 2019-08-15 Medicare Advantage Appeals and Grievance Data Disclosure Requirements and Supporting Regulations (42 CFR 422.111)
CMS-R-284 2019-05-23 Transformed – Medicaid Statistical Information System (T-MSIS
CMS-10599 2018-09-27 Pre-Claim Review Demonstration For Home Health Services
CMS-10379 2019-05-20 Rate Increase Disclosure and Review Requirements (45 CFR Part 154)
CMS-846-849, 854, 10125 and 10126 2016-02-19 Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC) Regional Carrier, Certificate of Medical Necessity and Supporting Documentation
CMS-P-0015A 2019-04-16 Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey
CMS-3427 2016-02-26 End Stage Renal Disease Application and Survey and Certification Report
CMS-576A 2019-07-19 Organ Procurement Organization’s Health Insurance Benefits Agreement and Supporting
CMS-R-199 2016-03-02 Medicaid Report on Payables and Receivables
CMS-10576 2016-03-02 CMS-10576 - Medicare and Medicaid Program; Program Integrity Enhancements to the Provider Enrollment Process
CMS-10377 2019-03-19 Student Health Insurance Coverage
CMS-10465 2019-03-19 Minimum Essential Coverage
CMS-10316 2019-10-18 Implementation of the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) and Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan Disenrollment Reasons Survey
CMS-10615 2016-09-26 Healthy Indiana Program (HIP) 2.0 Beneficiaries Survey, Focus Groups, and Informational Interviews
CMS-10309 2016-04-01 Grandfathering Provisions of the Medicare DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program
CMS-10611 2019-08-28 Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice
CMS-1490 2016-04-22 Patient’s Request for Medical Payment
CMS-367 2019-08-23 Medicaid Drug Program
CMS-10243 2019-10-18 Testing Experience and Functional Tools: Functional Assessment Standardized Items (FASI) Based on the CARE Tool
CMS-10328 2019-06-26 Medicare Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol
CMS-10295 2016-05-11 Reporting Requirements for States Under Transitional Medical Assistance (TMA) Provisions
CMS-10469 2016-05-13 Issuer Reporting Requirements for Selecting a Cost-Sharing Reductions Reconciliation Methodology
CMS-838 2018-04-27 Medicare Credit Balance Reporting Requirements
CMS-10157 2019-03-18 HIPAA Eligibility Tracking System
CMS-10105 2019-08-15 National Implementation of In-Center Hemodialysis CAHPS Survey
CMS-10191 2019-08-16 Medicare Parts C and D Program Audit Protocols and Data Requests
CMS-10623 2016-06-13 Testing Experience and Functional Tools Demonstration: Personal Health Record (PHR) User Survey
CMS-R-142 2016-06-10 Examination and Treatment for Emergency Medical Conditions and Women in Labor (EMTALA)
CMS-10605 2016-06-17 The Health Insurance Enforcement and Consumer Protections Grant Program Cycle I
CMS-379 2016-07-08 The Financial Statement of Debtor and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10062 2019-09-25 Collection of Diagnostic Data from Medicare Advantage Organizations for Risk Adjusted Payments
CMS-10624 2016-11-15 Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) for Diagnostic Imaging Services: Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (CDSM) Application Process
CMS-339 2016-07-15 Medicare Provider Cost Report Reimbursement Questionnaire
CMS-460 2019-06-26 Medicare Participation Agreement for Physicians and Suppliers
CMS-R-64 2019-04-08 Indirect Medical Education and Direct Graduate Medical Education
CMS-10311 2016-07-29 Medicare Program/Home Health Prospective Payment System Rate Update for Calendar Year 2010: Physician Narrative Requirement
CMS-R-5 2019-09-12 Physician Certifications/Recertifications in Skilled Nursing Facilities Manual Instructions
CMS-10242 2016-07-29 Emergency Ambulance Transports and Beneficiary Signature Requirements
CMS-10340 2016-12-02 Collection of Risk Adjustment Data from Medicare Advantage Organizations, Section 1876 Cost HMOS/CMPS, Section 1833 Health Care Prepayment Plans (HCPPS), Medicare-Medicaid Plans (MMPS), and Pace Organizations
CMS-10630 2019-03-15 Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) 2020 Audit Protocol
CMS-10628 2016-08-18 State Moratoria Request Form 60 day, and Supporting Statement for Enrollment Moratorium Final Draft
CMS-10476 2017-11-28 Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Report for Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)
CMS-10631 2018-02-09 The PACE Organization Application Process in 42 CFR Part 460
CMS-10633 2016-12-28 QIC Demonstration Evaluation Contractor (QDEC): Analyze Medicare Appeals to Conduct Formal Discussions and Re-openings with Suppliers Appeals to Conduct Formal Discussions and Re-openings With Suppliers
CMS-10634 2016-12-23 Evaluating a Pilot Mobile Health Program
CMS-R-138 2016-07-06 Medicare Geographic Classification Review Board Procedures and Criteria
CMS-10088 2019-09-17 Notification of FLS and CMS of CoLocated Medicare Providers
CMS-10635 2017-04-06 Montana Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership (HELP) Federal Evaluation
CMS-10396 2017-02-21 Medication Therapy Management Program Improvements
CMS-10466 2016-12-28 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Exchange Functions: Eligibility for Exemptions
CMS-8003 2017-02-17 1915(c) Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver
CMS-416 2017-02-17 Annual Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) Participation Report
CMS-10450 2018-11-23 Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Survey for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)
CMS-10636 2017-07-19 Three-Year Network Adequacy Review for Medicare Advantage Organizations
CMS-10621 2019-07-29 Quality Payment Program/Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)
CMS-10639 2019-08-06 National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Data Validation Study for the End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Quality Incentive Program (QIP)
CMS-10490 2016-11-28 Program Integrity and Additional State Information Collections
CMS-10219 2017-02-17 Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) Data Collection for Medicare Advantage
CMS-10275 2017-02-21 CAHPS Home Helath Care Survey
CMS-10227 2019-10-18 PACE State Plan Amendment Preprint
CMS-10198 2017-02-17 Creditable Coverage Disclosure to CMS On-Line Form and Instructions
CMS-R-266 2017-02-21 Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital Annual Reporting
CMS-4040 2017-02-17 Request for Enrollment in Supplementary Medical Insurance
CMS-10171 2017-02-21 Collecting Benefit Coordination Data
CMS-10344 2019-09-25 Elimination of Cost Sharing for Full Benefit Dual Eligible Individuals Receiving Home and Community-Based Services
CMS-2088-17 2017-01-10 Community Mental Health Center Cost Report and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10175 2017-02-27 Certification Statement for Electronic File Interchange Organizations (EIFOs)
CMS-1984-14 2017-03-09 Hospice Facility Cost Report
CMS-43 2017-07-07 Application for Hospital Insurance Benefits for Individuals with End Stage Renal Disease
CMS-R-285 2017-07-07 Request for Retirement Benefit Information
CMS-10215 2017-07-07 Medicaid Payment for Prescription Drugs - Physicians and Hospital Outpatient Departments Collecting and Submitting Drug Identifying Information to State Medicaid Programs
CMS-10174 2017-07-07 Collection of Prescription Drug Event Data from Contracted Part D Providers for Payment
CMS-1763 2017-07-07 Request for Termination of Premium Hospital and Supplemcntary Medical Insurance
CMS-10326 2017-03-21 Electronic Submission of Medicare GME Affiliation Agreements
CMS-10452 2017-03-21 CMS Enterprise Identity Management System
CMS-10210 2019-05-03 Quality Measures and Procedures for the Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program for the FY 2020 IPPS Annual Payment Updates
CMS-10507 2019-03-19 State-based Marketplace Annual Reporting Tool (SMART)
CMS-10454 2017-05-26 Disclosure of State Rating Requirements
CMS-10650 2017-08-24 State Permissions for Enrollment in Qualified Health Plans in the Federally Facilitated Exchange & Non-Exchange Entities
CMS-10036 2018-05-08 Inpatient Rehabilitation Assessment Instrument and Data Set for PPS for Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities
CMS-10380 2017-06-02 Rate Increase Disclosure and Review Reporting Requirements
CMS-10652 2017-06-14 Virtual Groups for Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)
CMS-10239 2017-06-26 Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Conditions of Participation and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10307 2017-12-08 Medical Necessity Disclosure Under MHPAEA and Claims Denial Disclosure Under MHPAEA
CMS-10654 2018-11-23 Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) for Diagnostic Imaging Services: Consultation of Specified Applicable AUC through a Qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism
CMS-10224 2019-09-12 Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) - Level II Code Modification Request Process
CMS-222-17 2017-07-19 The forms are revised to capture medical and mental health visits by payer and to remove all references to Federally Qualified Health Center.
CMS-216-94 2017-07-19 Organ Procurement Organization/Histocompatibility Laboratory Cost Report
CMS-10123 and 10124 2017-09-22 Fast Track Appeals Notices: NOMNC / DENC
CMS-10653 2017-11-08 Coverage of Certain Preventative Services Under the Affordable Care Act
CMS-10361 2018-04-09 Request for Adjustment to the MLR Standard for a State’s Individual Market
CMS-10661 2017-11-28 Limit on Federal Financial Participation for Durable Medical Equipment in Medicaid
CMS-R-267 2018-02-27 Medicare Advantage Program and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10571 2018-03-27 Limited Wraparound Coverage Reporting
CMS-10637 2018-04-04 Marketplace Operations
CMS-10453 2018-02-07 The Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Program: Part C Explanation of Benefits and Supporting Regulations
CMS-1557 2018-02-28 Survey Report Form for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10336 2018-03-27 Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Electronic Health Record Incentive Program
CMS-10394 2018-03-12 Application to be Qualified Entity to Receive Medicare Data for Performance Measurement
CMS-10531 2018-04-10 The Transcatheter Valve Therapy (TVT) Registry
CMS-10669 2018-05-02 Health Equity Technical Assistance Monitoring and Tracking
CMS-10668 2018-05-24 Quality Measures and Administrative Procedures for the Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction Program for the FY 2019 IPPS Program Year
CMS-10673 2019-04-24 Medicare Advantage Qualifying Payment Arrangement Incentive (MAQI) Demonstration”.
CMS-10008 2018-07-17 Eligibility of Drugs, Biologicals, and Radiopharmaceutical Agents for Transitional Pass-Through Status Under the Hospital Outpatient Perspective Payment System(OPPS)
CMS-R-194 2018-07-17 Medicare Disproportionate Share Adjustment for Hospitals
CMS-10675 2018-11-29 Evaluation of the CMS Quality Improvement Organizations: Medication Safety and Adverse Drug Event Prevention
CMS-10391 2018-12-14 Methods for Assuring Access to Covered Medicaid Services Under 42 CFR 447.203 and 447.204
CMS-10680 2019-02-14 Electronic Visit Verification Compliance Survey
CMS-10684 2019-01-31 21st Century Cures Act Section 12002 IMD Study
CMS-10524 2019-01-31 Medicare Program; Prior Authorization Process for Certain Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetic, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS)
CMS-10681 2018-11-07 Supporting Statement for Billing and Collection of the Separate Payment for Certain Abortion Services
CMS-10688 2019-02-28 Home Health (HH) National Provider Survey
CMS-10511 2019-01-31 Medicare Coverage of Items and Services in FDA Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Clinical Studies--Revision of Medicare Coverage
CMS-10164 2018-11-09 Medicare EDI Enrollment Form and EDI Registration
CMS-10691 2018-11-30 Data Request and Attestation for PDP Sponsors
CMS-10692 2019-03-15 Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Incident Management Survey
CMS-3070G-I 2018-12-14 ICF/IID Survey Report Forms (CMS-3070G-I) and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10694 2019-04-16 Testing of Web Survey Design and Administration for CMS Experience of Care Surveys
CMS-10696 2019-01-24 Information Collection Requirement for Mid-Year Formulary Change Reporting and Notice Requirement
CMS-276 2019-01-31 Prepaid Health Plan Cost Report
CMS-10065 and 10066 2019-08-26 Hospital Notices: IM/DND
CMS-2746 2019-05-24 End Stage Renal Disease Death Notification
CMS-2728 2019-05-24 End Stage Renal Disease Medical Evidence Report Medicare Entitlement and/or Patient Registration
CMS-10052 2019-07-31 Recognition of pass-through payment for additional (new) categories of devices under the Outpatient Prospective Payment System and Supporting Regulations
CMS-1728-19 2019-04-16 Home Health Agency Medicare Cost Report
CMS-10699 2019-04-08 Information Collection Requirements Associated with Drug Pricing Transparency and Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR 403.1202
CMS-10701 2019-05-31 Medicare Beneficiary Experiences with Care Survey (MBECS) System
CMS-1957 2019-05-24 Social Security Office (SSO) Report of State Buy-In Problem
CMS-10697 2019-08-27 Medicare Coverage of Items and Services for Coverage with Evidence Development
CMS-10704 2019-09-06 Health Reimbursement Arrangements and Other Account-Based Group Health Plans
CMS-10003 2019-07-10 Notice of Denial of Medical Coverage (or Payment) (NDMCP)
CMS-10638 2019-08-15 Application for New Medical Services and Technologies Seeking to Qualify for Add-On Payments Under the Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment System
CMS-2567 2019-08-19 Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction
CMS-1500 and 1490S 2019-09-12 Health Insurance Common Claims Form
CMS-287-19 2019-09-12 Home Office Cost Statement
CMS-10383 2019-08-12 Review and Approval Process for Waivers for State Innovation
CMS-106098 2019-09-23 Medicaid Program Face-to-Face Requirements for Home Health Services and Supporting Regulations
CMS-10709 2019-09-26 Hospital Survey for Specified Covered Outpatient Drugs (SCODs)
CMS-10707 2019-08-09 CY 2020 Proposed Requirements for Hospitals to Make Public a List of Their Standard Charges
CMS-10711 2019-08-09 Proposed Prior Authorization Process and Requirements for Certain Hospital Outpatient Department (OPD) Services
CMS-855B 2019-09-26 Medicare Enrollment Application for Clinics/Group Practices and Other Suppliers
CMS-10716 2019-10-18 Applicable Integrated Plan Coverage Decision Letter